Creatively raising awareness to adoption, foster care, fatherhood and mental health.

Congratulation’s to one of Two Scoop NPAC creatives Sidney Grayson, for being elected Central State University’s SGA President for the 2023-2024 academic year!!!

Making A Difference


There are many reasons why we do what we do, however when we touch the heart the of a  family the very essence of our communities it makes every hour, every meeting, every rehearsal, every performance, and every lesson taught worth while.


 I just wanted to take the time to say “Thank You” for inviting me and my son to your play. You will never know how blessed this play was to me and my family! It was a God sent, and right on  time for what me and my family has been going through. This play spoke to and touched on several situations that I am going through right now with my oldest and youngest son. My oldest son was at the play, and has been dealing with his younger brother who does not live with us, and who has been having some behavioral problems due to his living situation. We have been praying and working with him and his mother on ALL the same issues that the young kid in the play had. He also was diagnosed with being ADHD and was on medication and was always getting into trouble and his mother could not handle him. But she would not let him come live with us. But now that they have moved to Columbus and we are able to see him every weekend and he stays with us every summer, and on all breaks! Things have gotten better. He just needed a father in his life (Father/ Male) someone to love, guide, protect, discipline and be a example. We now have a Outstanding relationship, I get him almost every weekend and he is attending church with us as a family! He is now off that medicine and doing well in school as well!

 We then had to deal with my oldest son having issues with sharing me, and dealing with his brother more and more in our lives, and now with him maybe coming to live with us for good, this summer, not knowing what to expect. This play touched on how he too had to play a role in helping with my youngest son’s  transition and with his issues as his big brother just like the other kids did and the older brother did in the play! Wow, the similarities were un-believable! I looked at my son and there were tears in his eyes! After the play we discussed it and everything that went on, and he has pledged to do better and to accept he role and responsibilities as a big brother!  With God ALL things are possible! Thanks again for the invite!